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The Pehlay Akshar Fellowship Program is a means to create better employment opportunities through education for youth in the interiors of India. A Pehlay Akshar Fellow will be a full-time facilitator of functional English to children from low-income communities across the country. They will liaison with Government school officials and parents to ensure efficiency in teaching. The journey will be one of teaching and learning.

We believe that education is the strongest weapon to change the world. A Pehlay Akshar Fellow will be a pioneer of this change in their school. Their classrooms will become the doorstep to the future of our country.


Our education system is plagued with problems. Majority of teachers catering to low income schools do not believe in exciting the children about learning. They simply aim for high test scores, many a times finding backhanded means to achieve this aim. They fail at their duties to their students by creating subpar classroom experiences. Even the teachers who are driven to enable meaningful learning for the children, find it difficult to do so because of overcrowding of classrooms or because of the corruption in the system.

On the bright side, top Government officials are looking to bring about change as they’re beginning to recognize the importance of education in the country. They’re able to meet with demands of space and are constructing schools all over the country.

The need of the hour is to take the quality teaching to large number of government schools across the country. With Pehlay Akshar, we’re looking to address this need. The individuals chosen to lead this mammoth change are the lynch pins of its success. This Fellowship is an effort to bring together these intellectuals and work in that direction.

Who are we looking for?

Our Fellows must have a high aptitude for English. Functional knowledge of Hindi and Marathi is an added benefit.

The Fellowship will be extremely immersive, demanding dedication and continuous initiative from our Fellows. We’re looking for passionate and courageous individuals committed to bringing change in Education and India. We’re looking for leaders and problem-solvers.

Teaching young children from low-income communities warrants empathy and mindfulness. Our Fellows must be kind, compassionate and nurturing individuals who love working with children. A keen understanding of children is a must.

Where most employers offer swanky work spaces, Pehlay Akshar partner schools have a rustic and modest work environment. Hence, our Fellows must be adaptive thinkers and resilient, open to working in various kinds of spaces.

We’re looking for meritorious college graduates as well as working professionals looking to make a shift to education or the not-for-profit sector.

Job description

Our facilitators will be placed in low-income schools for a duration of 2 years where they will facilitate learning of English in students of Pehlay Akshar partner schools. The Fellows must take full responsibility of ensuring high student turnout, behavioural and academic progress.

They will also be expected to organize volunteering exercises with Pehlay Akshar beneficiaries. They must find innovative ways to make the activities engaging and meaningful for the volunteers too. Remuneration

In the first year of their term, Junior Fellows will be paid Rs. 2,04,000/- per annum. They will graduate to the position of Senior Fellows in the second year, being paid Rs. 2,40,000/- per annum. RPG Foundation will also reimburse travel cost from our office to the Pehlay Akshar partner school.

This year, we’re looking for 5 Fellows to be placed in the following locations:
1. Jabalpur
2. Nashik
3. Nagpur
4. Mumbai

Selection process

I. Application Form & Written Test
The application form is a platform for us to know more about you. We’d like to know why you want to be a part of Pehlay Akshar from the application. The other information that you share with us will help us understand if you are suitable as a facilitator.

The written test is designed to test aptitude for the following:
1. Verbal & Reading Comprehension in English
2. Analytical & Logical Reasoning
3. Abstract Reasoning
4. Situational Judgment in the classroom
5. Problem Solving
6. General Awareness - Indian & Global Education Scenario
7. Flair for teaching

II. Phone Interview
We’ll review your application form and test once you’ve submitted them. In a telephonic interview with our HR personnel, we’ll try to understand more about you basis what you’ve written in your application form.

III. Talent Hub
If your application matches our criteria in the first two stages, we’ll invite you to our Talent Hub to meet us personally. From the Talent Hub, we’ll move to one of the Pehlay Akshar partner schools where you will conduct a demo session for the students. Post this, you will be asked to solve a case study based on classroom teaching practices. This will be followed by a personal interview by the Program Lead of Pehlay Akshar.

IV. Personal Interview
Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a final personal interview in our office.

Professional Development

The Fellowship will be gruelling and inspiring at the same time. Teaching the Pehlay Akshar way demands a mindshift. Keeping these challenges in mind, our induction will be dedicated to developing the skills and the mindset necessary to be a Pehlay Akshar Fellow. Primarily, Fellows will be immersed into methods of teaching and classroom management techniques. We will also inculcate receptivity to change, creative confidence, ownership and leadership.

Periodic trainings
After the induction, we will throw our Fellows into the deep end, but with full-time life support. You will receive a combination of online and in person trainings that will hone your teaching practice, changemaking and leadership skills.

Solving the Wicked Problems
Our world is plagued with socio-economic problems, one creating another. With Pehlay Akshar, we’d like to isolate these wicked problems and put a hard stop to their domino effect. As a Fellow, it will be your responsibility to take this task head on. Three months into your Fellowship, you will be asked to identify a wicked problem in your school and kick in its solution within your term with us. A dissertation will document your solution and learnings while implementing it.

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