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Journey from Pehlay Akshar to Pehlay Akshar School Enrichment Program (PASEP)

After 6 years of a successful implementation and expansion of the Pehlay Akshar Program to include the existing state curriculum, the creators of the program at RPG Foundation felt a need to undertake a survey in order to understand the challenges faced by the BMC school teachers. This thought stemmed from the fact that it the Pehlay Akshar classes involved fun while learning and therefore the students seemed motivated and regular to schools for these classes. But the regular classes observed a consistent low attendance in the schools. The survey findings indicated that the government school teachers felt that the classes were monotonous and teaching methodologies did not keep the students engaged in classrooms while the Pehlay Akshar classes were engaging and fulfilling for both the teachers as well as the students.

Hence in April 2016, RPG Foundation came up with a Teachers Training Program and called it PASEP. The program aimed at training teachers in order to improve the classroom management and provide students a conducive and safe environment to learn and grow.

PASEP Training for BMC School Teachers in 2016

PASEP trainings are conducted thrice a year for a large group of teachers. This year we trained about 300 Primary and Secondary BMC school teachers in Worli. The aspect that sets these trainings apart from other regular teacher trainings is that we discuss unusual ideological conceots in a very interactive and participative way so as to ensure we create a behavioural change in the teachers. The trainings are followed up by consistent weekly coaching/ psychological counseling sessions to further facilitate the internalization and implementation of the learnings. Our training coaches visit each teacher on a weekly basis to discuss the new techniques that are utilized in the classroom to make the overall classroom management better by motivating, appreciating and engaging the students in learning activity. The coaches facilitate discussions among teachers group so as to bring out the best teaching practices among them. The training coaches also help the teachers in resolving numerous issues that they face with their students. The interactions are made in groups so as to foster better relations between teachers and create cohorts amongst themselves that are safe spaces for learning and sharing.

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