Pehlay Akshar- Vision


What is the Paper Boat Project?

The Paper Boat Project is a Pehlay Akshar initiative. The program gives each one of us an opportunity to design the future of young children and sail with them as their mentor, teacher and a playful friend. Just like in origami exercise you transform a flat sheet of paper into a finished sculpture by folding paper techniques similarly we would like you to work with children by teaching them various life skills. The children have the paper and you have the skill, so come and be a part of this life Origami exercise!

Why are we doing this?

The student – teacher ratio is very skewed in public schools. On an average it is one teacher for every 40 children in a class room. Thus the teacher is unable to pay attention to the unique academic, social, psychological needs of every individual. Every child has different needs and these needs remain unattended and overlooked in a classroom.

The children come from vulnerable and unsafe communities. Their interactions are limited and are exposed to various risk factors. There is a lack of strong role models in their lives. In many families, the children are first generation learners due to which the parents are unable to guide their children. The children lack confidence and are under high risk of dropping out of school or getting into anti-social activities.

The mentors, corporate employees would prove to be strong role models to these children and will bring tremendous value by just casual unstructured interactions. The mentors have a good pool of knowledge and resources which would prove to be very useful to the children.

Who should be a mentor?

Passionate individuals who want to work with children and navigate them to build a better future by:

Providing the children with an emotionally safe environment to share emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Building confidence to voice opinions

Exposing children to different walks of life which will provide them with knowledge about the various opportunities.

Who would be a mentee?

9-12 year old children studying in government schools and undergoing Pehlay Akshar program.

How to become a mentor?

Fill the form by clicking on the apply button or write to


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